Offering special Ash Scattering flights from Seattle on South Lake Washington

Northwest Seaplanes offers an experience for those wishing to give that special someone that has passed an aerial ash scattering over their favorite places in Washington State.  Our seaplanes are regarded by many as icons of the Seattle area.  Flights can be performed with family and friends on board as well as solo pilot flights.  You choose the location and experience and Northwest Seaplanes delivers.  We are Washington State licensed and have been performing ash scattering missions for 10+ years.

Our most common ash scattering by seaplane requests are for the Cascade and Olympic Mountains.  The Puget Sound and San Juan Islands are also popular requests.  If your family member that has passed had a special place they wanted their ashes scattered, we can meet most all requests.  National Parks, such as Mt. Rainier, require a permit which our staff can assist you in getting.

Our aircraft seats up to six adults allowing plenty of seats for those that would like to attend the ash scattering flight.  For reservations or for more information on our ash scattering flights, please call 425-277-1590 or send us an inquiry.