Discovery Island Flights

Seattle to and from Discovery Islands, BC

Mid June to early September – Scheduled flights

6/20 – 7/9 – Thurs, Fri, Sun, & Mon

7/10 – 8/26 – Daily

8/27 – 9/2 – Thurs, Fri, Sun, & Mon

SERVING: Big Bay, Blind Channel Resort, Dent Island Marina, Octopus Islands, Rendezvous Islands, Sonora Island, Stuart Island and more….

Northwest Seaplanes scheduled flights to a number of destinations in the Discovery Island, BC area from Seattle. Our service to Discovery Island locations is generally a plane to boat transfer of passengers except where we are able to go into designated seaplanes docks. Since some locations lack a seaplane dock, we simply set a pickup or drop off point at the time of reservation. Our aircraft will land and a small boat transfer will be required to transfer passengers and baggage. If you do not see a location listed above, feel free to call and we can discuss the ability to drop or pickup there. Personal service at its best!!

Northwest Seaplanes is conveniently located on the shores of South Lake Washington on the Renton Airport. We are just minutes from downtown Seattle, downtown Bellevue and the Seattle (Sea-Tac) Airport and offer a complimentary shuttle to the Seattle Airport on your arrival into Seattle. Free parking is also available for those driving. For reservations and information, please call. Please visit our Passenger Information page for information regarding our flights.

$449 per person – One Way

Select your drop off or pickup location in the SUMMARY portion of the online booking process. Feel free to call to reserve if you have any questions.

All flights are operated by Friday Harbor Seaplanes


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