Flights to and from Desolation Sound and Seattle.  Seaplane to boat transfers made easy!

Most Desolation Sound locations are a boat to plane transfer.  We serve a number of different anchorages and private docks.  Please call to coordinate your drop off and pickup locations.  We require GPS coordinates and a small boat that can be brought out to the plane safely to transfer passengers.  Docks must be accessible by seaplane and free of pilings and obstructions that can hinder the aircraft docking.

Seattle to Desolation Sound Flight Schedule

Serving: Galley Bay, Mink Island, Prideaux Haven, Tenedos Bay, Redonda Island, Roscoe Bay, Savary Island, Teakerne Arm, Walsh Cove and more…..

Northwest Seaplanes is conveniently located on the shores of South Lake Washington on the Renton Airport.  We are just minutes from downtown Seattle,  Bellevue and the Seattle (Sea-Tac) Airport and offer a complimentary shuttle to the Seattle Airport on your arrival into Seattle.  Free parking is also available for those driving.  For reservations and information, please call.  Please visit our Passenger Information page for information regarding our flights.

  • South Lake Washington departures and arrivals

  • Complimentary parking

  • Complimentary 15 minute shuttle TO Sea-Tac Airport