Northwest Seaplanes offers flights from Seattle to Eagle Nook Resort,  BC.

Located in the rugged wilderness of the southwest side of Vancouver Island, Eagle Nook Resort and Lucky Sport Fishing have all the comforts and conveniences you’d expect to find at a five star resort, while surrounded by the natural beauty of Barkley Sound.

The flight time from Seattle to Eagle Nook Resort is less than 2 hours with a quick Customs and fuel stop. The return flight is direct to Seattle and less than 90 minutes.

Eagle Nook Resort | Lucky Fishing & Wilderness Retreat Flights
Northwest Seaplanes offers regular and charter flights to and from Eagle Nook Resort.  Eagle Nook primarily transports their guests from Vancouver BC, however we do offer an option from Seattle for those wishing to travel directly from Seattle.

  • South Lake Washington departures and arrivals

  • Complimentary parking

  • Complimentary 15 minute shuttle TO Sea-Tac Airport

  • Complimentary fish boxing for airline travel