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Seattle to Hakai Pass BC Flights

Northwest Seaplanes offers summer charter flights from Seattle to and from Hakai Pass, BC. Hakai Pass is a well known hold up for those boating in the Hakai Provincial Park. Besides the renowned fishing it is also known for an abundance of white sand beaches to comb and a great area for anchor.

Northwest Seaplanes is conveniently located on the shores of South Lake Washington on the Renton Airport. We are just minutes from downtown Seattle, downtown Bellevue and the Seattle (Sea-Tac) Airport and offer a complimentary shuttle to the Seattle Airport on your arrival into Seattle. Free parking is also available for those driving. For reservations and information, please call. Please visit our Passenger Information page for information regarding our flights.

  • South Lake Washington departures and arrivals

  • Complimentary parking

  • Complimentary 15 minute shuttle TO Sea-Tac Airport

  • Complimentary fish boxing for airline travel