Passport Information


The information you are about to complete is a requirement for entry into Canada and or re-entry into the United States. Please complete the form below and then click the “Submit Passenger Information” button at the bottom. “Group Name” is your last name, or if traveling in a group, the last name of the person that received the email confirmation or that made the reservation.

The “Order Number” (6 characters; example 221304) listed on the email confirmation must be included.

Please make sure all name, passport number, DOB, and expiration date details are listed exactly as they appear on the passport.

  • U.S. or Canadian Citizens: You are required to complete all fields.
  • NON-US Citizens: Please call to submit your passenger information. Since there are additional requirements for Customs Clearance for NON-US Citizens, we will require additional information from you. Please have the address which you will be staying in United States.

If you have any questions about completing this form and its requirements, please call us at 425 277-1590.

Step #1: Group and Order Number Information

Step #2: Passenger Information